Commercial Ro Plant

It’s time to take your water treatment process to the next level. Our Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plants are available from 1000 GPD to 50000 GPD.

Commercial RO plants are designed to produce large volumes of purified water in commercial or industrial applications. These systems use less energy, while providing highly efficient production of up to 50,000 GPD (gallons per day).

Our commercial ro plants are engineered for high performance and long service life. Our systems include everything you need to install an efficient reverse osmosis system in your commercial application: a high-pressure pump and filter, membrane, pressure vessel and fittings. A full line of accessories also is available including pressure gauges, solenoids, flow switches and more.

Commercial RO plants are suitable for any water quality application, whether you’re looking to add purification to your existing facility or as a standalone system. Contact us today and find out how Aquarius can help bring your commercial RO systems up to the next level.

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