The Water Purifiers from Prestige Water Purification Systems allow you to achieve your best possible RO purification performance. Available in different sizes and capacities, the systems are designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

1,000 GPD Water Purification System is a commercial Ro System that provides clean drinking water to your home or office.

This is the highest quality water purification system available. It is a commercial ro system, and is applied to be used in large quantities of water. The modern design eliminates 99% of bacteria and 99% of viruses such as cholera and typhoid fever, while making the water taste better than before. A great tool for every community or family who drinks water directly from the tap.

The 100 GPD Water Purification System is a high quality, commercial RO system manufactured by Ecopure Water. The system comes standard with a high-efficiency membrane that delivers pure water while removing contaminants and keeping a balanced alkalinity of up to 80 ppm (parts per million) on average. The unit features 2 cups, measuring cup and packets of salt to keep the unit’s minerals flowing.

The system is specially designed for commercial beverage and food industries, as well as in-home use. With its advanced technology, this Water Purifier can provide continuous service at a flow rate of up to 600 GPD. And its forced feed system ensures high quality in addition to low energy consumption and easy maintenance.