45000 GPD Ro System for the largest hotels in Dubai, this high performance system was designed for those extra large volumes, with a great energy efficiency and automated cleaning.

The 4500 GPD RO System is a high performance system that can be installed in any commercial or industrial environment. The system includes a complete set of flowmeters, regulators and test fittings dedicated to perfect your batch process.

Integrated system to meet your needs. Ideal for high pressure water systems and for multiple uses, such as server rooms, data centers and facilities. Featuring a double-acting piston pump with an electronic automatic valves.

The 4500 GPD Ro System in Dubai is a leading supplier of ro/ro capacity. This state-of-the-art facility provides the perfect blend of functionality, flexibility and efficiency to meet your own unique needs.

4500 GPD Ro System in Dubai.

We supply top-quality RO Systems for all types of business, branch or warehouse. Our system provides excellent performance at low cost and with very long service life.


  • S.steel frame (Control box-Option
  • 20″ Prefilters x 3
  • S.steel or Fiber Glass Membrane vessel
  • 4″ x 40″ membrane
  • Inlet & Flush Solenoid Valve
  • Source & Ro Gauge
  • Inlet & Concentration Flow meter
  • 240gph vane pump & 1hp motor
  • S.steel Vertical Pump 1.1 kw (ARO-2000G-VP)
  • Auto Flush Control & TDS detector
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Anti-scalent device
  • Electricity consumption: 2220W
  • Shipping Dimension & weight: 80X50X145cm 88kgs