This dispenser comes with a cold water tap and a hot water tap. It has a filter to remove waste from the water, which can be removed from the front of the dispenser. The filtered water is refreshing, clean and healthy.

This Fountain Dispenser with Cold Water Drinking is a convenient and economical solution to your water dispensing needs. This is a beautiful addition to any home, office or business and is an ideal choice for at home use, schools and universities.

Fountain dispenser with cold water drinking. Keep your cool with this Fountain Dispenser, a great way to add a little fun and chill to any room in your home. This unique addition to your decor has a touch-free spout that allows for easy refilling and drinking; simply push down on the lever and hold it in place to dispense water without touching anything. This convenient fountains pauses automatically once it is empty, so you can fill it quickly when needed. Product dimensions are 2″ H x 2 1/2″ W x 8 3/4″ L

This fountain dispenser with cold water drinking is ideal for any office, cafeteria or break room. It offers convenience for office workers and visitors in the break room. Just fill the reservoir with cold water and plug it into the wall outlet.

Perfect for making sure your employees have a cup of cold refreshing drinking water at their desks