Multi Media System is a unique water filter system that cleans and polishes your water by filtering out contaminants, reduces chlorine, eliminates strong odors and keeps your drink clean & pure.

The Multi Media System helps to reduce hard water and removes dirt, odors and chlorine, leaving your water crystal-clear.

The Multi Media System (MMS) is a unique way of filtering water that removes any contamination and leaves it pure, yet soft and silky. The system not only clears the water of its impurities but also means that you can drink tap water without fear of consuming dangerous bacteria or dirty particles. This system uses both conventional sediment filtration process as well as water softening procedure to make sure that the final product is safe and reliable.

The multi-media system is the ideal choice for many households. It combines a sediment filter, an activated carbon filter, and special media to neutralize chlorine and other chemicals. When paired with an inline water softener, this system filters up to 99% of sediments and leaves your water completely free of contaminants as it enters your home. Installation is a snap!