Water Softeners – soft water systems that treats hard water from your water supply. Our whole house water softener will help you reduce the hardness of the water in your home. Resin for softening system & sodium chloride for saltwater softener

Aqua Best offers a range of whole house water softener that remove unwanted hard water minerals and other impurities, creating soft water with a much lower calcium content.

whole house water softener, that not only softens the water of your home but also offers many other benefits. The system is especially suitable for Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

A whole house water softener is installed in the home’s plumbing system before the hot water heater. It consists of a brine tank, softening supply tank and control circuit consisting of an electronic controller, pumps and valves.

high quality resin beads that effectively remove dissolved calcium and magnesium salts from water, hence producing clean and refreshing drinking water.

Are you looking for a solution to hard water? If so, look no further than the Aqua Best whole-house water softener system. By utilizing the latest in water softening technology and design, our systems will provide you with clean, safe water that’s free of damaging contaminants such as silica sand, iron and limescale. With our products we can transform your home into a healthier place by cleaning up your water.

whole houseWhole House Water Filtration and under sink units. Each system is designed to reduce hard water issues such as water spots, scum lines.

AquaBest’s expert installation teams tie in your existing water filtration system, connect the softening system, and test all systems to confirm functionality. We use only trusted suppliers with access to advanced technology, who provide the highest quality products. The result is that most of our customers rate our service as 5 stars or above!

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