Best Simplex Water Softeners in Dubai

Model number: 13×54 – 16×65- 21×63 – 24×69 – 30×72 – 84×82

Mineral Tank Size (Inches): 13×54 – 1665- 21×63 – 24×69 – 30×72 – 84×82

Service Flow: 15- 21-39- 48 Up to 330 GPM

Simplex water softeners is one of the most popular water softener in Dubai. Aqua filter has all wise range of water softener available in Dubai. Aqua filter simplex water softener can remove harmful objects. It is made for soft water and quality water.

Simplex water softeners features

  • Simplex water softener makes the water synthetic free normally without adding any synthetics to it
  • Simplex water softener normally reestablishes the Ph balance without the requirement for any added substances
  • The normally relaxed water diminishes the microorganisms, which has a few sick impacts on the human body
  • Simplex water softener definitely lessens the Coliform microorganisms moreover
  • It is normally relaxed water radically decreases the hurtful minerals, limescale, rust and so forth along these lines making water more secure to utilize
  • The retention capacity of the skin is worked on by normally relaxed water, which brings about better hydration for the skin
  • The normally mellowed water is likewise better for plants, gardens, and other widely varied vegetation as well
  • Unlike other water conditioners, Aqua Softener adds no salt or different synthetics to it and accordingly save the human body from numerous other destructive impacts
  • Simplex water softener works normally all alone
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In this article, we will explore the best simplex water softeners available in Dubai. Water softeners are essential devices that help remove minerals and impurities from water, ensuring it is safe and suitable for various applications. Whether you are looking to improve the water quality in your home or business, these simplex water softeners offer effective solutions. We will discuss their features, benefits, and help you make an informed decision. Read on to discover the top options for simplex water softeners in Dubai.

When choosing a simplex water softener, it is important to consider certain key features that will ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some essential features to look for:

  1. Capacity: Determine the size and capacity of the water softener based on your water usage needs.
  2. Regeneration Process: Check the regeneration process and ensure it is efficient and minimizes water and salt wastage.
  3. Control System: Look for softeners with user-friendly control systems, allowing easy operation and customization.
  4. Salt-based or Salt-free: Decide whether you prefer a salt-based or salt-free water softener, depending on your specific requirements.
  5. Water Quality Monitoring: Opt for a water softener that includes water quality monitoring features to keep track of water hardness levels.

Top 5 Simplex Water Softeners in Dubai

Here are the top 5 simplex water softeners available in Dubai:

Water Softener ModelKey FeaturesPrice Range
Model 1Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3AED 500 – AED 700
Model 2Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3AED 800 – AED 1000
Model 3Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3AED 1200 – AED 1500
Model 4Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3AED 1600 – AED 1800
Model 5Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3AED 2000 – AED 2500

Please note that the price range may vary depending on the specific retailer and any additional features included.

Benefits of Using Simplex Water Softeners

Using simplex water softeners can provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Preventing Scale Buildup: Softeners remove minerals that cause scale buildup in pipes, appliances, and fixtures, prolonging their lifespan.
  2. Improving Efficiency: Softened water improves the efficiency of appliances like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  3. Softer Skin and Hair: Soft water is gentler on the skin and hair, reducing dryness and irritation.
  4. Brighter and Cleaner Laundry: Softened water leads to cleaner and brighter clothes, as it helps eliminate mineral stains and residue.
  5. Reduced Cleaning Efforts: Without mineral deposits, cleaning becomes easier, and less detergent or soap is required.
  6. Cost Savings: By preventing scale and improving appliance efficiency, you can save money on repairs, energy bills, and detergent usage.

Installation and Maintenance Guide

To ensure the optimal performance of your simplex water softener, follow these installation and maintenance guidelines:

  1. Installation: Hire a professional plumber to install the water softener correctly and connect it to the main water supply.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance, including salt refills and cleaning.
  3. Monitoring: Keep an eye on the water softener’s control panel to monitor salt levels and any potential issues.
  4. Scheduled Servicing: Schedule periodic servicing by a professional to inspect and maintain the water softener.


Investing in a simplex water softener is a wise decision for anyone in Dubai looking to improve their water quality. By removing minerals and impurities, these water softeners offer a range of benefits, including scale prevention, appliance efficiency improvement, and softer skin and hair. Consider the key features and choose a water softener that suits your requirements and budget. With the right installation and maintenance, you can enjoy the advantages of high-quality softened water throughout your home or business.

Remember, before purchasing a specific water softener model, conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and consult with experts to ensure it meets your specific needs.