Best Brackish Water RO System 50000 GPD

Best Brackish Water RO System 50000 GPD

Aqua Best Brackish Water RO System 50000 GPG

Brackish Water R.O. System 50000 GPD in Dubai, UAE

Aqua Best Brackish water High TDS RO plant 50000 gpd frameworks incorporate a variety of standard provisions making them reasonable for general business and mechanical applications. They are likewise accessible with discretionary functional and control highlights and subordinate gear giving you the ability to redo your framework. Water Pro Brackish Water (BWRO) R.O. Water Treatment Plant are utilized all around the world in numerous districts where clean consumable water is scant. It is great for food and refreshment enterprises, consumable drinking water, emergency clinics, agribusiness, inns and resorts, water packaging and ice-making, drugs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Brackish Water R.O. System 50000 GPD in Dubai, U.A.E.


  • Feed Pump Grundfos Pumps, Denmark
  • EMEC dosing system, Italy
  • Hydranautics Membrane USA/Japan
  • Codeline Pressure Vessel, Pentair
  • Pump Grundfos Pumps, Denmark
  • All SS 316 Piping from Europe
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • UPVC Cluster Filter
  • After Sales Support
  • All spares available for all times
  • Annual Maintenance contracts
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