Best Pure Aqua FRP Automatic Domestic 1

Best Pure Aqua FRP Automatic Domestic 1

Pure Aqua FRP Automatic Domestic, Commercial & industrial water softener can reduce the amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron in your water supply. If you have hard water, this can be a difficult task. If you have hard water, you may be able to solve the problem by purchasing an industrial water softener. An industrial water softener in Dubai UAE is a water treatment system that uses an ion exchange resin to remove hardness from the water. This is a highly effective way to soften your water and the softener can be used on a daily basis. The industrial water softener is an efficient and effective way to remove hard water.

As a result, water softeners aid in the softening of hard water. When hard water is passed through a water softener, it becomes soft water, which can be used for a variety of purposes without causing any side effects. We have a large selection of water softeners, including electro-magnetic softeners, industrial softeners, and domestic hard-water softeners.

AquaBest Pure Aqua FRP Automatic Domestic in Dubai, U.A.E.


  • Available water flow is between 10 GPM Up to 400 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • FRP Vessel Size Available: 13×54, 1665, 2160, 24×69, 30×72, 36×73, 42×78, 63×103
  • Clack Control Valve 1” up to 3”
  • Brine Tank : 100, 150, 200, up to 500 Litters
  • All custom made models have four distinct cycles of operations:
  • Backwash – hydraulic cleaning; up-flow
  • Slow rinse – displaces residual brine; down-flow
  • Brine refill – restores resin to sodium form; down-flow
  • Fast rinse – prepares softening resin for service cycle; down-flow
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