Luminor ultraviolet sterilizer

Luminor ultraviolet sterilizer for installation in Dubai UAE. The sterilizer should be installed outdoors and on a level surface. The following guidelines should be followed when installing the sterilizer:

Ultrasound sterilizer Luminor is designed for the application of sanitizing and disinfecting various surface with low-power UV light irradiation. Its high-tech ultraviolet lamp with UVC emission is suitable for surface disinfection of various medical equipment, utensils and instruments. Surface contamination may occur as a result of poor sterilization technology or insufficient maintenance procedures.

Luminor is the brand for this ultraviolet sterilizer that is designed to provide optimal performance and long-lasting durability, ideal for food safety. It features a high performance UV lamp with a quadruple output power result in excellent bactericidal effectiveness.

The Luminor ultraviolet sterilizer is an effective and economical solution for the sanitising of drinking water using a semi-closed system. The unit is ideal for point-of-use applications in hospitals, homes, restaurants and other food establishments.

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