24 GPM UV-Ultraviolet

24 GPM UV Curing System offers a breakthrough in curing technology. This system is designed to save time and energy when processing polymer materials.

24 GPM UV system is commercial grade. UV technology is superior for sanitizing water and killing bacteria, but it is not used for CO2 injection. It is effective at killing microorganisms and removing chemicals, minerals, dirt and other contaminants without changing the taste or odor of your water.

ultraviolet sterilization system utilizes a specially designed lamp that monitors the presence of microbes in order to kill them while allowing liquids to pass through without being altered chemically by the treatment process.

1)- The Ultra Violet (UV) Water Purifier uses UV technology to destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogens in water. Standard filtration systems simply filter out suspended solids, leaving harmful organisms behind to potentially cause harm to people.