3 Jumbo Water Filter

The Triple Whole House Jumbo Filter reduces chlorine odor, sediment and harshness. This filter will also remove metals, pesticides and bacteria. It provides better tasting water at an affordable price. Built to last, our filters are easy to install and maintain.

Big Blue Jumbo filtration system is designed to be installed anywhere within your water lines. This Jumbo filtration system has the ability to purify more than 100,000 gallons of water, making it one of the most powerful filters on the market. The Big Blue Jumbo also comes with a jumbo filter that is capable of filtering over 40,000 gallons (about 1 year’s worth) before needing replacement.

This filter is the commercial grade choice for your home. It is a great fit for any single family home that has 1 water line coming into it, and it even a great fit for many of those with multiple lines coming into their homes.

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