Big blue Jumbo Filter Whole House

Big blue Jumbo Filter Whole House

The Big blue Jumbo filter is the largest whole house filter you can buy. It’s made for large homes and commercial applications. The Big blue does not have built in tanks, but can be connected to any tank you already have.

The Big Blue Jumbo Filter Whole House water filter system is an affordable home filtration solution that provides high-performance filtration. This system is capable of removing over 6,000 contaminants from your water and delivers cleaner, better tasting water which you can use for everything from drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry.

Bid goodbye to your old, clogged filters. The Big Blue Jumbo Filter Whole House filter is designed to filter out fine particles from your water. This 100% commercial grade whole house filter replaces your traditional paper or carbon block filter and eliminates filtration costs forever!

The Big Blue Jumbo Whole House Filter is the most trusted and effective whole house water filter on the market. The Big Blue Jumbo filter uses a 5-micron pleated polyester media, which is up to 25% greater than other filters. It’s 10 times more effective at removing sediment and chlorine, and five times more effective at removing mercury compared to most carbon block filters that use a 1-micron polypropylene carbon block.

Big blue Jumbo Filter in Dubai

The Big Blue Jumbo filter is big and blue. We didn’t name it, we just make them to be the best whole house filters in the world.

Our Big blue Filter is one of our best home filters and used in commercial applications as well. We have won many awards for it’s reliable, yet efficient performance.

This filter is amazing. We love it! You can use it on your faucet or connect it to an existing water tank, although we will be selling our own water tanks.

Yes, the Big blue is big. But that’s kind of the point. It is quiet, effective, and can handle just about anything you throw at it.